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Path Planning for a Space-Based Manipulator System Based on Quantum Genetic Algorithm Chen ZC(陈正仓);Zhou WJ(周维佳) 2017
Catoptrical rough set model on two universes using granule-based definition and its variable precision extensions Dai, Jianhua;Han, Huifeng;Zhang, Xiaohong;Liu, Maofu;Wan, Shuping;Liu, Jun;Lu ZL(卢振利) 2017
Surface topography evolution of Ni-based single crystal superalloy under laser shock: Formation of the nano-scale surface reliefs Lu, GX;Liu JD(刘纪德);Qiao HC(乔红超);Zhou YZ(周亦胄);Jin T(金涛);Sun XF(孙晓峰);Hu ZQ(胡壮麒) 2017
Experimental study and machining parameter optimization in milling thin-walled plates based on NSGA-II Qu S(曲胜);Zhao JB(赵吉宾);Wang TR(王天然) 2017
PCA-based denoising method for division of focal plane polarimeters Zhang JC(张俊超);Luo HB(罗海波);Liang, Rongguang;Zhou, Wei;Hui B(惠斌);Chang Z(常铮) 2017
Fabrication and photoelectrochemical properties of silicon nanowires/g-C3N4core/shell arrays Chen, Zhen;Ma, Ge;Chen, Zhihong;Zhan, Yongguang;Zhang, Zhe;Gao, Jinwei;Meng QG(孟庆国);Yuan MZ(苑明哲);Wang, Xin;Liu, Junming;Zhou, Guofu 2017
Phase switching mechanism for wifi-based long distance networks in industrial real-time applications Wang JT(王金涛);Jin X(金曦);Zeng P(曾鹏);Wang ZW(王照伟);Wan M(万明) 2017
A novel approach for extracting viscoelastic parameters of living cells through combination of inverse finite element simulation and Atomic Force Microscopy Wei FN(魏发南);Yang, Haitao;Liu LQ(刘连庆);Li GY(李广勇) 2017
High-Throughput Fabrication and Modular Assembly of 3D Heterogeneous Microscale Tissues Yang WG(杨文广);Yu HB(于海波);Wang YC(王越超);Liu LQ(刘连庆) 2017
Performance Investigation of Multilayer MoS2Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated via Mask-free Optically Induced Electrodeposition Li M(李萌);Liu N(刘娜);Li P(李盼);Shi JL(施佳林);Li GY(李广勇);Xi N(席宁);Wang YC(王越超);Liu LQ(刘连庆) 2017
Robustness Analysis of License Plate Visual Positioning Method in Vehicle Collision Warning System Qin LJ(秦丽娟);Wang T(王挺) 2017
Unilateral Laryngeal Pacing System and Its Functional Zeng TP(曾太平);Zhang, Zhiping;Peng, Weiwei;Zhang, Fei;Shi, Baker Y.;Chen FY(陈放怡) 2017
Applications of Micro/Nano Automation Technology in Detecting Cancer Cells for Personalized Medicine Li M(李密);Liu LQ(刘连庆);Xi N(席宁);Wang YC(王越超) 2017
Mechanical Model of Dexterous Continuum Manipulators with Compliant Joints and Tendon/External Force Interactions Gao AZ(高安柱);Ryan J. Murphy;Liu H(刘浩);Iulian I. Iordachita;Mehran Armand 2017
An Event-Related Potential-Based Adaptive Model for Telepresence Control of Humanoid Robot Motion in an Environment Cluttered With Obstacles Li, Mengfan;Li W(李伟);Niu, Linwei;Zhou, Huihui;Chen, Genshe;Duan F(段峰) 2017
Single Image Dehazing by Latent Region-Segmentation Based Transmission Estimation and Weighted L1-norm Regularization Cui T(崔童);Tian JD(田建东);Wang ED(王恩德);Tang YD(唐延东) 2017
Surface nano-hardness and microstructure of a single crystal nickel base superalloy after laser shock peening Lu, G.X.;Liu JD(刘纪德);Qiao HC(乔红超);Zhou YZ(周亦胄);Jin T(金涛);Zhao JB(赵吉宾);Sun XF(孙晓峰);Hu ZQ(胡壮麒) 2017
上肢康复训练机器人的研究 毛丽民;卢振利;安唱;刘叔军 2017
6000m级探测型AUV优化设计与阻力分析 张洪彬;徐会希;陈仲;王亚兴;尹远 2017
一种变速器装配单元结构设计方法 刘松凯;尹健 2017
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